2 Brothers Hobby

Country: USA
URL: 2bfly.com
Feed: 2bfly.com/feed/


2 Brothers Hobby is a very cool and fairly unique web-based magazine. Built on a blog platform it is organized much like a paper magazine giving site visitors the best of both worlds.

The power of the blog software means no more stacks of RC aviation magazines to go through when you're trying to find that one article that has that one piece of information in it that was the cause of you NOT throwing that magazine away when you were done reading it. The information on the site is easy to find and always there.

Because the site is organized in a similar manner to a paper magazine (click on their "Newsstand" link at the top), readers can still feel like they have the most recently published information at their fingertips.

Checkout 2 Brothers Hobby for short-and-sweet product reviews, RC tools like airplane powerplant calculators and battery calculators, a nice listing of links to help you connect throughout the industry, and more. The site offers some of the nicest graphics and information layout that we've found in our industry thus far.

Nice job, 2 Brothers. Keep the information coming.

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