rc i.c. engine
26cc Electronic Ignition Gas Engine
Manufacturer: Horizon Hobby
Brand: Zenoah

Manufacturer's Description

Key Features

  • 10% reduction of weight over G26 with magneto
  • Includes muffler
  • Built-in choke with the included Walbro carburetor
  • Operates on 4.8V battery
  • No glow igniter required
  • Glow-sized power but clean, low cost operation of gas
  • Fuel consumption is roughly half that of a similarly sized glow engine
  • Perfectly suited for 1.20- to 1.50-size aircraft


You asked for it; you got it. Introducing the G26ei—the second electronic ignition engine in the Zenoah line. What makes this engine even better is the 10% reduction in weight—that's six ounces lighter than the G26 engine with magneto. The electronic ignition makes the hand start even easier, and the G26ei also has smoother transition and better idle. The G26ei is perfect if you're looking for a trouble-free engine to power your 1.20- or 1.50-size plane flight after flight.

There's nothing like Zenoah's rock-solid reliability to keep your mind at ease and your planes in the sky.