32" Edge 540 Airfoil

Brand: Fancy Foam
Manufacturer: Fancy Foam Models (E-Foamy)

Manufacturer's Overview

We have taken the popular "Leadfeather" Esge 540 and added an airfoil to the wing. The idea with this modification is to decrease the drag and increase the performance for better outdoor flight. The wing rather than being cut from 9mm flat sheet EPP it is CNC hotwire cut with an airfoil. This allows a rounded leading edge and thin trailing edge. The airfoil shape along with the skin formed by the cutting makes for a stiffer and more efficient wing. The handeling and behavior of the plane is as good as the original and it still flys good indoors but you can see the loss in drag. This will give an advantage when not flying in still air.

Manufacturer's Specs

  • Wing Span: 32"
  • Wing area 234 sq. in.
  • Weight ready to fly 7.5 oz.