3D Hobby Shop Co

Country: USA
Website: 3D Hobby Shop Co Website

Company Overview

3D Hobby Shop is a designer and manufacturer of RC airplanes for the RC hobby market place.  The company is headquartered in Fredericksburg, Texas in the USA.

3D Hobby Shop has a quality product lineup that falls under their single 3D Hobby Shop brand name.  The product list consists of a nice grouping of 3D airplane models, sport aircraft, and pattern aircraft.  These models are typically designed after their full-scale counterparts including such famous names as Edge, AJ Slick, Extra, Sukhoi, and others.

In addition to the scale models the company also has an offering of a couple of profile foamy models: a 33" Depron Velox and a 33" EPP Extra, both of which are nicely detailed and reasonably priced models.

3D Hobby Shop kits are ARF type which come without a power system and radio system but the company has a full line of power and radio products available for purchase with their kits.

3D Hobby Shop kits and parts can be purchased directly from the company website or through their network of online and local hobby shops around the US.