3Dplus CF

Street Price: not specified
Model#: not specified
Mfgr: Compass Model Ltd
Brand: Compass Model
URL: 3Dplus CF
Kit Type: KIT
Airframe: Pod and Boom
Rotor Class: Collective Pitch, 600-620mm
Main Rotor Dia: 1360 mm (53.54")
Tail Rotor Dia: not specified
Length: 1270 mm (50.00")
Weight: 3150 grams (111.11 oz)
Main Blades: 600-620mm
Power Source: gas
Power Specs: Nitro
Motor Class: gas ~ 50
Motor Specs: 50 to 57-size Nitro
3Dplus CF

Manufacturer's Description

The 3Dplus is the next generation high performance 50 size heli. Now 300 grams lighter than the Knight 3D, which was already one of the lightest in its class, the 3Dplus has a better power to weight ratio than any other helicopter on the market! This heli flies like no other. With the all new rotor head the 3Dplus can handle anything you throw at it with the usual Compass Model crisp and presice feeling.


  • Length: 1270mm
  • Rotor Diameter: 1360mm
  • Gear Ratio: 8.66:1:4.8
  • Weight: 3.15kg
  • Engine Size: 50 to 57
  • Rotor Blades: 600 to 620mm


  • New Rotor Design
  • Increased Cyclic Speed
  • Large Pitch Range
  • Metal Swashplate 120° CCPM
  • Precise Controlling
  • Extremely Lightweight Frame Design
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Easy Assembly
  • 80% Pre-Build
  • Anti Vibration Engine Mount
  • Improved Engine Cooling System
  • Fully Ball Raced
  • Fully Equipped with Thrust Bearings
  • Hardened Main Shaft
  • 8mm Spindle Shaft
  • Hardened Tail Shaft
  • Front Mount Tail Servo
  • Proven Belt Driven Tail Rotor
  • Dual Pin Zero-Slop Tail Pitch Mechanism

Kit contains

  • Knight 3D CF
  • Pre-Assembled Carbon Frame Set
  • Pre-Assembled Reinforced Main Gear
  • Pre-Assembled Performance Rotor Head
  • Pre-Assembled Precision Tail Rotor
  • Metal Tail Gear Case
  • High Quality Painted FG Canopy