550 Pro Kit, G10

Street Price: $430.00
Model#: KR5503
Mfgr: Outrage RC
Brand: Outrage
URL: 550 Pro Kit, G10
Kit Type: KIT
Airframe: Pod and Boom
Rotor Class: Collective Pitch, 550mm
Main Rotor Dia: 1250 mm (49.21")
Tail Rotor Dia: 229 mm (9.02")
Length: 1077 mm (42.40")
Weight: 2950 grams (104.06 oz)
Main Blades: 550-575mm
Power Source: electric
Power Specs: 6S-8S LiPo
Motor Class: electric ~ 500
Motor Specs: 500-size Brushless Outrunner
550 Pro Kit, G10

Manufacturer's Description


  • Length: 1077mm
  • Height: 344mm
  • Main Rotor Diameter: 1250mm
  • Tail Rotor Diameter: 228.8mm
  • Blade Length: 550-575mm
  • Tail Blade Length: 82-95mm
  • Main Gear 140T 0.7 Mod gear
  • (First 300 kits will be upgraded to CNC delrin main gears. Limited quantity promotion only)
  • Auto Rotation 42t
  • Tail rotor ratio: 4.66:1
  • Approximate flying weight: 6.5lbs depending on equipment used.


  • Beautifully crafted CNC anodized part
  • 120 Degree CCPM Servo layout for precision control
  • 140 Degree CCPM Servo layout (Optional)
  • Light weight compact frame designs for extreme 3D fight
  • Rigid motor mount and middle bearing design for Extreme Power Systems
  • New 3rd bearing designs for motor shaft support
  • Large battery tray opening for various battery shapes and sizes
  • 15 Degrees +/- achievable pitch ranges
  • Fully programmable head design that can be set From Mild to Wild
  • Thrust bearings on Main and Tail Blade Grips
  • One piece 3D dampers
  • Ball raced double pivot tail control system
  • High quality tail rotor drive belt
  • Fiberglass painted canopy.

Recommended Electronics

High performance 3D Servos

  • JR DS8417
  • JR DS8717 using separate RX battery
  • Futaba S9452
  • Futaba BLS451
  • Ino-Lab HG-D751MG using separate RX battery
  • Ino-Lab HG-D760MG using separate RX battery
  • Ino-Lab HG-D760HB using separate RX battery
  • Hitec HS-5965MG

Beginner Choice Servos

  • JR DS281
  • Futaba S9252
  • Futaba S3001
  • Hitec HS-5475HB

High Performance Speed Controller (ESC)

  • Castle Creations Phoenix-125 (needs Castle Creations PHX-LINK to program) (good for 6S Lipo)
  • Phoenix HV-85 HV (If going to Go 8S or Higher) (needs Castle Creations PHX-LINK to program) (good for 8s Lipo)
  • Kontronik Jive 100-LV (good for 6s Lipo)
  • Kontronik Jive 80-HV (good for 8s Lipo)

Budget Speed Controller (ESC)

  • HobbyWing Pentium Brushless ESC 80A-OPTO (recommend using Hobby Wing program card) (Good for 6s Lipo)
  • HDX 80 Amp OPT EDN-1032 (good for 6s Lipo)
  • Align 100A Brushless ESC(Governor Mode) RCE-BL100G

Battery Eliminating Circuit (BEC)

  • Maxpro 4A High Voltage 2-10S Lipo Switchable BEC
  • HobbyWing C-UBEC 5A for 3-10 Lipo
  • Medusa Potencia 3.5A/5V or 6V BEC
  • Western Robotics Hercules BEC High Current

Performance Brushless Motors (with 5mm shaft OD)

  • Tonic-X Z30-1110 (use 13-14 tooth pinion for 6s Lipo) (11 tooth pinion for 8s Lipo)
  • NEU 1907-1Y (use 11-12 tooth pinion for 6s)
  • Scorpion 4020-1390 (Use 11-12 tooth pinion for 6s)
  • NEU 1907-1.5Y (use 12-13 tooth pinion for 8s Lipo)
  • Scorpion 4020-1100 (11 tooth pinion for 8s Lipo)

Performance Carbon Fiber Main Rotor Blades

  • SWE Symmetrical CF 550mm Main Blade (SWE-550DC)
  • Rotortech 3D PRO 560mm Symmetrical Blade (CN265666C)
  • MS Composit 550mm CFC Main Rotor Blades - 3D (MS-35503)
  • Rotortech 550mm A-Tip Sport/F3 Blade
  • Budget Fiberglass Blades
  • SWE Symmetrical FRP 550mm Main Blade (SW-550D)

Performance Tail Blades

  • SWE Symmetrical CF 90mm Tail Rotor Blade (SWE-TR90)
  • Radix 92mm Tail Blades - YEI-YB-92
  • 92MM CF Tail Blade (EDN-1079)
  • All K and B 92mm Colored plastic tail blades

6s Lipo Batteries

  • Outrage 6s1p 5000mah 25C or 30C (Brick)
  • Outrage 6s1p 6000mah 25C or 30C (For longer flight times) (Brick)
  • Outrage 6s1p 4200mah 25C or 30C (last resort no smaller on 550)

8s Lipo Batteries

  • Outrage 8s1p 3700mah 25C or 30C (Brick)
  • Outrage 8s1p 4200mah 25C or 30C (Brick)

Recommended Gyros

  • Spartan DS760 With JR DS8900 Servo
  • JR 770 with DS8900 Servo
  • Futaba 611 with S9256 Servo
  • Futaba GY401 with S9254
  • Solid G Heading Hold Gyro with JR DS8700G

Special notes and features

  • For Scorpion Brushless Motors recommend Upgrade part R550357-SS Motor Shim Plate (this plate allows you to use the motor mount 3rd bearing support option supplied in kit).
  • Motor mount is capable of mounting motors with 25 and 30mm bolt spacing for M3 screw.