5IVE-T Heads to BajaFest 2011

Published: September 12, 2011
Links to photos of the 5IVE-T at BajaFest 2011. Plus some other misc. photos of the new 5IVE-T from Team Losi Racing.


For the 5IVE-T fans our there, the truck has made its way to BajaFest 2011. 5IVE-T sightings continue to show up in blog posts this week with LiveRC.com and RCInsider.com both publishing pics of the event. They both have some photos of the new truck in the Losi pits. Here are a couple of links as well as some of the photos posted up in the gallery.

Additionally, TLR have put a couple of photos of the new truck up on their Facebook page. So, for those of you yearning for more of a glimps than what has thus far been posted by Horizon Hobby, here ya go.