Ace Wing Carrier

Manufacturer: Ace Wing Carrier Co

Brand Overview

The Ace Wing Carrier brand of products are a custom designed group of fabric-based totes that are designed around the idea of protecting model aircraft wings during transport to and from the flying field. The product line consists of soft, thin, padded, fabric tote bags that all come with robust hand-straps and zippers to lock in and protect the condition of foam, wood, or plastic-covered RC airplane wings -- pieces that are typically fragil components and easily dammaged during transport.

Ace Wing Carrier branded tote bags are available in a virtually infinate array of colors and sizes. The carriers can be custom built to the spec of any airplane or they can be selected from a range of pre-established sizes which can be found on the company's website.

Currently the products can be ordered on the Ace Wing Carrier website or via the phone number available on that site. For more info on their products, visit