Acepow Electronics Co. Ltd

Country: China
Website: Acepow Electronics Co. Ltd Website

Company Overview

Acepow Electronics Co. Ltd (AKA: Shenzhen ACEPOW Electronics Co. Ltd) is a China-based developer and manufacturer of Lipo, Nimh, and Life batteries.  The company values high-quality in the areas of engineering, manufacturing, and customer service and is committed to their goal by employing a workforce of 2,000 workers, 200 engineers/technicians.  In addition to the workforce commitment, the company utilizes 30,000 square meters of factory area on 30 acres of space.

Acepow Electronics Co. Ltd owns and manages the Gens ace brand which is a line of batteries designed primarily for the RC hobby industry including: RC cars, trucks, planes, helicopters, boats, and others.  In addition to their RC line of products the company also has product offerings in these industries:

  • Airsoft guns
  • Electric tools
  • Electric bikes
  • Electric autos
  • Digital products

The company serves its customer base through its online store ( and is physically located at:

R-16C, Dunhuang
Building, ZhuZiLin
Futian District,
Shenzhen, Guangdong