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Store Description

From the company website:

Who is Advantage Hobby?

Advantage Hobby is a high performance retailer and supplier of RC models and supplies.

Unlike many internet retailers who choose to be ambiguous, hiding their identity, Advantage is an actual retail storefront Hobby Store located in the "RC Hobby Capitol of the World", Champaign, IL.

Advantage Hobby
2710 N. Mattis Ave, #D
Champaign, IL 61822
217-398-2800 Fax
866-321-2300 Toll Free Orders
Please see our Contacts section for more contact information.

Due to our unique location in the heartland of RC, we are able to supply our customers from coast to coast with the products they need faster than most other retailers.

Advantage Hobby is managed by experienced RC modelers who also have an extensive understanding and background in the RC business. Please see the Bio’s section below for information on our outstanding management team.

Our Goal:

At Advantage, providing our customers with a wide selection of products, in a timely fashion, at competitive prices is our goal.

At Advantage Hobby, we are modelers serving our fellow Modelers.

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