Aero Craft

Manufacturer: Aero Craft Ltd

Brand Overview

Aero Craft is a brand of remote control airplane products that is manufactured and distributed to the RC hobby market place. The brand is owned and managed by Aero Craft Ltd. of Riverhead, New York in the USA.

The Aero Craft brand spans several different segments of the RC airplane market including entries in the trainer, warbird, sail plain, classic sport, and giant scale categories. All of the kits are made of balsa and ply construction and most are scratch builders kits where everything needs to be assembled, including all major airframe components, by the hobbyist. Aero Craft kits generally come as true kits which means that, in addition to the assembly being from scratch, the power system and radio equipment must also be selected and installed by the builder.

Physical dimensions of the Aero Craft branded kits range as widely as their market segments with the smallest being the dimensions of indoor flyers all of the way up to their 12 foot Telemaster.

The brand's Telemaster line is a popular one and is marketed heavily through Hobby Lobby International. The line is known for docile flight characteristics and gentile, predictable flight tendencies which make them great for beginners or experienced pilots looking for a relaxing plane to fly.

The company produces kits for popular hobby vendors, as well as for sale directly to the public. The Aero Craft brand of products is available for purchase on the Aero Craft Ltd website and also through their network of independent online and local hobby shop retail dealers around the world.