Aero Craft Ltd

Country: USA
Website: Aero Craft Ltd Website

Company Overview

Aero Craft Ltd is a designer and manufacturer of sport and scale type RC airplane kits for the remote control hobby market place.  The Aero Craft Ltd company is located in Riverhead, New York in the USA.

Aero Craft Ltd produces all of their RC aircraft kits under their single Aero Craft brand name.  The brand contains kits that are all balsa and ply construction.

The kits cover a wide range of models including warbirds, a flying wing, a prop-driven f-117, a couple of sail planes, then with most of the remainder of the models being trainer types.  The kits range in size from the small indoor flyers up to their 12 foot Telemaster.  Aero Craft kits are generally all almost-ready-to-fly (ARF) type and therefore are airframe only kits.  Power systems and radio equipment must be purchased separately and installed by the builder.

The company produces kits for popular hobby vendors -- Hobby Lobby being an example -- as well as for sale directly to the public.  The Aero Craft Ltd company sells their products on their website and also makes their products available through their network of independent online and local hobby shops around the world.