Country: USA
Website: Aerospire Website

Company Overview

Aerospire, LLC is the developer and manufacturer of MultiGov governors for the remote control helicopter marketplace.

MultiGov Pro is an advanced multifunction RC helicopter governor that keeps a RC helicopter rotor speed constant by monitoring the helicopter motor speed and automatically adjusting the model’s throttle servo. It can run in either a standard smooth flight mode or aggressive 3D mode and can even switch between the two modes on the fly in flight!

Aerospire was started in 2006 by Bob Li, who has been a radio-controlled helicopter enthusiast since 1998.

By designing and developing MultiGov, Bob was able to combine his passions for RC helicopters and software/hardware design.  He has experience in software development and project management in Silicon Valley, California as well as being a graduate of Cornell University with a degree in computer engineering.

The company distributes its products all over the world through a substantial dealer network that includes,, Ron's HeliProz South, FastLad (in the UK), and others through the countries of Italy, Malaysia,Thailand, and Dubai.

The company is located in Honolulu, HI and provides support through its dealer network, its website, and through email and phone numbers that they have listed on the site.