Airtronics Corporation

Country: USA
Website: Airtronics Corporation Website

Company Overview

Airtronics is the US based designer and manufacturer of radio equipment for the Remote Control Hobby industry.  Their vast product selection includes Radios, Receivers, Servos, Servo Parts, and Radio Accessories.

Over the years Airtronics has been a staple of the RC industry in their role as a big competitor in the RC radio market.  Today their radio lines focus only on the ubiquitous 2.4GHz spectrum (the unofficial industry standard) and includes Aircraft Radios as well as Surface Radios.

Their aircraft remote controls range from 5 to 10 channels all of which are programmable through a LCD interface that is integrated into the front of the remote.

Like their air-focused counterparts, the surface radios are made up of a robust feature list that includes programmable radios, LCD interfaces, 2.4GHz technology, and high-quality components.

The Airtronics company is located in Fountain Valley, CA and provides support to their customers through their distributor network, their website, and phone/email.