ALeeS, Inc

Country: USA
Website: ALeeS, Inc Website

Company Overview

ALeeS, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of RC helicopter products based in Trussville, Alabama in the USA. The company was founded by Charley Stephens, a well-respected RC hecliopter designer throughout the industry.

Charley began flying RC models in 1994, starting first with RC airplanes and then proceeding on into RC helicopters, which became his true passion. He began designing the machines starting with just their components as the owner and designer of Rotorworkz. The upgrade parts for other popular helis that he designed through that company became popular among his fellow RC heli enthusiasts which took him deeper into the craft.

Officially designing RC helicopters since 2004, Charlie finally succeeded in creating his very own machine, the Rush 750 in 2011-2012. The new heli spawned the creation of ALeeS. Officially founded in 2010, the company is named after their son (A)ustin Lee (S)tephens ... A-Lee-S. Charley, Austin, and Charley's wife Vikki all share the same middle name: Lee.

ALeeS currently markets all of their products through their single ALeeS brand name. The only main product there being the ALeeS Rush 750 and all of the supporting parts for that helicopter. The company's products can be purchased worldwide through its growing network of retailers in locations like the US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Ukraine, Russia and more. The official list of retailers can currently be found on the ALeeS website by clicking on the "Where to Buy" link.