Alfa Model

Manufacturer: Alfa Model s.r.o.

Brand Overview

Alfa Model is a brand of remote control aircraft that is marketed by Hobby Lobby International, Inc. of Brentwood, Tennessee in the USA.  The brand is owned and managed by Alfa Model s.r.o. of Czech Republic.

The Alfa Model brand consists of war birds typically from the World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam era aircraft, as well as a couple of F-16 models. All of the pre-jet era warbirds are propeller-driven electric models that are constructed of molded foam.  The designs available are very nice quality paint and decal combinations which replicate actual full scale airplanes from the past. The Alfa Model jet lineup consists of EDF configured, molded foam models also with excellently detailed markings of paint and decals.

In most cases the Alfa Model branded kits are have wing spans under 36", most of which are in the 30" range. Each kit is generally completed to an ARF level, arriving to the modeler with major airframe components painted and ready to assemble and add decals.  Kits come with a recommendation for power systems and electronics but it is up to the modeler to select and install their components of choice.

Alfa Model branded kits can be purchased from Hobby Lobby directly through the store's online retail outlet or through the company's large network of online and local hobby shops around the world.