Alfa Model s.r.o.

Country: Czech Republic
Website: Alfa Model s.r.o. Website

Company Overview

Alfa Model s.r.o. (AKA: Alfa Model Ltd.) is a designer and manufacturer of RC airplanes for the model airplane market place.  The company is located in Prague, Czech Republic and maintains a significant distribution relationship with Hobby Lobby International, Inc. of Brentwood, Tennessee, USA.

The Alfa Model company specializes in the design and manufacture of molded foam, electric remote control aircraft of World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War vintages; although, they do offer a few additional models like a couple of F-16 Falcon kits, a P-26 Peashooter, and a few others.

Most Alfa Model kits are available in ARF completion levels where kits consist of major airframe components that are painted but not assembled.  Final assembly is required by the modeler as well as application of decals, selection and installation of power system components and radio system components.

Alfa Model Ltd distributes all of their products within their single self-designated Alfa Model brand of RC aircraft. The Alfa Model brand is distributed in the US by Hobby Lobby International.  Kits can be purchased through that company's online retail store or through their large network of online and local hobby shops around the world.