Align Announces New Trex 450L

Published: July 15, 2013
Align, today, announced a redesign of their much-loved and widely popular Trex 450 line of helicopters.


Align is generating a buzz this morning with the announcement a few hours ago of their new Trex 450 design. Called the Trex 450L, photos of the new helicopter concept are receiving an array of both positive and negative feedback on Align's Facebook page.

Many comments on the post to the effect of "Looks like the new Gaui X3"; however, others say it looks more like a mini Trex 700 DFC.

With the "L" designation one can only assume that means "long" which also implies 350mm main blades as well as a 22.2 volt (6S) power system but that has not been confirmed. The new frame is significantly changed with the most notable differences from its predecessor being an underslung battery tray like many larger birds, as well as a downward mounted motor instead of the old upward motor orientation common on all T450s to this point.

Some are speculating that the unit will use 3s power because of the thin battery depicted in the design renderings released with the announcement. However, most recently battery suppliers have begun to offer longer, skinner 6S 1300mAH packs specifically designed to replace the 3S packs traditionally flown in the 450-class electric helicopters. An example would be the new 6S Turnigy Nano-Tech which measure out to just about the same dimensions as a 3s 2200mAh pack. With Align making/branding their own batteries, we won't likely know for sure what the power system design will be until it's officially released.

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