Around Tuit RC

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Eric Jordan (or joehandsome99 as he is known on Youtube) is the owner and creator of Around Tuit RC website and youtube channel dedicated specifically to the RC hobby community. The description he gives of himself on his Youtube channelĀ  reads:

RC Product Reviews All Kinds, Movie Editor, Producer, Video Editing, Special Effects Instructor, Photographer, Antique Camera Collector.

As his skills relate to the RC marketplace, Eric and his wife, Candy (the camera-lady) focus on putting together fun product reviews that are highly informative. In the Around Tuit RC videos Eric pays detailed attention to providing information that the consumers are interested in knowing about as they shop for RC products. He has a good way of covering information that sometimes might tend to be overlooked or left out of typical other review websites / review videos.

To get connected with Around Tuit RC, check out their website ( or their YouTube Channel.

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