Aurora Electric 90

Street Price: not specified
Model#: not specified
Mfgr: Avant RC
Brand: Avant
URL: Aurora Electric 90
Kit Type: KIT
Airframe: Pod and Boom
Rotor Class: Collective Pitch, 680-720mm
Main Rotor Dia: 1595 mm (62.80")
Tail Rotor Dia: 280 mm (11.02")
Length: 1426 mm (56.14")
Weight: not specified
Main Blades: 690-720mm
Power Source: electric
Power Specs: 2x 600-sized LiPo packs
Motor Class: electric ~ 600
Motor Specs: Brushless Outrunner
Aurora Electric 90

Manufacturer's Description

This is not a conversion kit. This is a helicopter that was designed from the ground up as a pure native electric heli and at the same time keeps complete compatibility with most parts from the nitro 90. With the design of the Aurora Ultimate we re-defined the design of advanced 3D RC helicopters and now with the electric Aurora we are redefining what a 90-sized electric helicopter should be. This is the dream machine that sets the pace of what an electric 90 should be. Designed from the ground up as a true native electric helicopter with input from many seasoned 90 size electric pilots that were looking for the ideal 90 sized electric machine.

The use of two inexpensive 600-class battery packs allows users to reuse their current 600 size packs as well as access the growing number of low cost battery packs becoming available. One of the concepts used in the design was minimizing damage to the packs. With that in mind we designed the mounting of the packs by attaching them to solid sections of the frames whose edges would take the brunt of a collision minimizing damage to the packs.


  • Styling based on the Aurora Nitro and refined to fit the electric mechanics.
  • Same slim Canopy as the nitro Aurora 90
  • One of the most important features of this design is the protection of the power packs which are arguably one of the most expensive parts risked in a crash. The main power packs are attached to a solid section of the carbon fiber frame both with self-sticking Velcro and by the straps. Since collisions are absorbed mostly by the solid section damage to the packs is minimized during crashes.
  • A higher battery pack location puts the CG point at a higher location making side-tic-tocs and rolling maneuvers effortless.
  • All wires and cables fit inside the frames leaving no clutter outside.
  • If no BEC is used a receiver battery can be installed in the front plate or in the back between the frames.
  • Generously sized locations for motor and speed controller
  • Battery packs are readily accessible from the sides making it easy to exchange.
  • Support on top and bottom distributes the load into two bearing blocks minimizing wear on the motor’s bearings.
  • Both motor and ESC are protected inside the frames and at the same time exposed to the flight’s air flow helping them stay cool during flight.
  • Since electronics are not exposed to exhaust oil the tail servo is located in the back of the frames for direct tail control.
  • All Servos are easily accessible and at a short distance from the receiver for easy access and service.