Bisson Custom Mufflers Co

Country: Canada
Website: Bisson Custom Mufflers Co Website

Company Overview

Bisson Custom Mufflers is a Canadian designer and manufacturer of internal combustion muffler systems to the RC hobby industry.  The Parry Sound, Ontario company began designing and building custom muffler products in 1970.  An excerpt from the company's website describes the beginning:

"Bisson Custom Mufflers was established in Toronto in 1970 by George Bisson. Not satisfied with the muffler on one of his aircraft, he decided to make one for himself. After hearing his muffler at the local field, friends and fellow flyers starting asking for mufflers for their own aircraft. Hobby shops started ordering shortly after that and it has now developed into worldwide sales."

Today the company has a wide variety of muffler products that fall under their Bisson Custom Muffler brand.  The lineup includes products for most major brands of RC internal combustion engine manufacturers.  

In addition to their muffler products the company also offers snap stands and some accessories which include hats, smoke injectors, and sun glasses - to name a few.

Bisson Custom Mufflers sells their products directly from their company website ( and through their distributor network of online and walk-in hobby shops.