Blade 130X

Brand: Blade
Manufacturer: Horizon Hobby

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The Blade 130X is a new (as of April 2012) electric RC helicopter that is developed and marketed by Horizon Hobby's Blade Heli brand. The 130X fits into Blade's heli line-up between the mCPx and the 300X. Like its smaller and larger counterparts, the 130 X is a flybarless variant. It uses Horizon Hobby's AS3X (Artificial Stabilization 3-Axis) technology to control yaw, pitch, and roll axis. 130x flight surface control is provided through four 2.9-gram linear long-throw servos (three for the cyclic and one for the tail).

The 130x is powered by a 6730Kv brushless inrunner motor which turns both the head and the tail. The head is a tiny but traditional ECCPM system and the tail is powered via a torque tube system. This power system coupled with a 2S, 300mAh, 35C Li-Po battery, delivers all the head speed needed for tic-tocs, piro flips or any other aggressive maneuver that requires abrupt blade pitch changes.

The 130 X canopy will be a thin plastic variant just like all of the other Blade helis and comes detailed with a vibrant green and blue color. The frame is made up of moulded plastic as are the landing gear and head components. Carbon fiber rod/tube will comprise the torque tube tail drive shaft as well as the main shaft.

The Blade 130 X will be available in Bind-n-Fly completion level and will be distributed through Horizon's world wide network of walk-in and online dealers.

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