Blade 130X Media Chatter

Published: April 27, 2012
A few days into its market announcement and the Blade 130X is making a splash in the media. Here are some places where you can go and read about or discuss the new 130X from Horizon.


Just a few days into the news of its release and the Blade 130X has already made a significant splash in the RC heli marketplace. The chatter around a Horizon Hobby product has not been this hot since the release of the mCPx last winter.

In addition to being written up in just about every major hobby news source across the world, the new little Blade 130X has received its own forum on Helifreak (standard protocol for all helicopters) which has already achieved 42 threads (as of the morning of April 27th). Topics ranging from where to find Blade 130X videos, to peoples opinions of the price, to design critiques, to hot it compares to the rest of the helis in the Blade line up are being discussed. 

In addition to Helifreak, other places to check out if you are interested in talking about the new 130X are RC Groups which has a long, 12-page thread running. The original news release on Crackroll has also received some discussion.

Stop in there and join into the banter if you're interested in the new 130X.