Blade 130X DFC Head by RKH

Published: January 23, 2013
RakonHeli have produced a DFC-type head for the Blade 130X. The new design is available in two colors.


For those DFC (Direct Flight Control) head fans out there you now have a new helicopter that uses your favorite head setup. The team at RakonHeli (RKH) have produced a modified version of their Blade 130X aluminum main blade grips in a DFC configuration. The DFC type design basically removes the ball links in the head and replaces them with a more sturdy, "direct" link using only screws.

The two new RKH heads are available in standard polished aluminum as well as their red anodized color. The whole kit can be purchased for $49.99 which contains the grips, DFC arms, and rotor hub; while the rotor hub and actuator arms can also be purchased separate from the blade grips for $24.99.

The blade grips that are used in the new DFC 130X head are the same grips that also are used in the previously released, standard head. All of the DFC components are currently in-stock on the RKH website.