Blade 130X Release Date

Published: April 18, 2012
Blade Heli's new helicopter release dates tended to be less than accurate last year. We're hoping that the Blade 130X release does not follow that trend. But, even if it does, the Blade 130X market entry will no doubt be worth the wait.


Been wondering about the release date for the new Blade 130X 100-size micro helicopter from Horizon Hobby? In their podcast on the subject of the new helicopter last week, James Haley pinpointed the date as June 2012. We're hoping that pinpoint doesn't slide, though.

In the past, particularly with recent helicopter releases from Blade, delivery deadlines have slipped. In the wake of the Blade mCPX blade grip failure issues in the spring of 2011 the team delayed the release of their Blade 450 3D helicopter. Not that the two were related at all; but with there being no real explanation of the 450 delays one was left to assume that group was taking extra time to make sure that all of the wrinkles were ironed out.

One thing is for certain, the Blade 130X looks like it will be worth waiting for, no matter how long overdue it ends up being. For now, though, we'll all hang on the pin placed by Haley as the June 2012 130X release date.

UPDATE: As of late May, the official date that we are hearing that the Blade 130X will begin appearing on store shelves (including online store shelves) is June 14th, 2012.