Blade 130X Upgrades by KDE Direct

Published: January 15, 2013
KDE Direct have turned their attention to the world of micro-flight with their latest round of upgrades being focused on the Blade 130X.


The team at KDE Direct of Washington State in the US have been busy expanding their product offerings into the E-flite / Blade Helis line of products. The KDE Direct product lineup has gained respect in the RC helicopter marketplace for their high quality, precision, and value, with their initial focus being on upgrades for the Align brand of RC helicopters.

Most recently the KDE team have turned their slide rules, calculators, and engineering expertise toward improving the Blade 130x. The first two 130x upgrades were the head block and tail gear case, both of which were built from machined aluminum and designed to improve on the original stock component designs. Shortly thereafter they released a machined aluminum tail rotor push rod support, a machined aluminum tail servo boom mount, as well as a set of precision replacement bearings for the Blade 130x tail.

XF Series Main Rotor Blades

KDE's newest performance upgrade for the Blade 130x platform is a set of main blades called the KDE XF Series Main Rotor Blades. On their company Facebook page they had this comment about them:

Engineered with aerospace-proven airfoil design - these blades will change what you originally thought about performance.

No exact dimensions have been released on the XF Series main blades as of yet but it was announced that they will be available early in 2013 (January to be exact). The blades will be made out of a plastic composite for toughness.

So, early 2013 it will be, then. We'll keep our eyes and ears on all of the 130x hopper-uppers to see how these new blades and upgrade components perform out in the marketplace and report the details as we get them.