Blade 450 Canopy News, Plus New Henseleit TDR from Canomod

Published: August 25, 2011
Blade 450 receives its first aftermarket canopy design from Fusuno. New canopy is a fiberglass design. Henseleit TDR and Trex 600E Pro / Trex 600EFL Pro get new aftermarket canopy designs.


This week the folks at Fusuno have been busy releasing new canopy designs. Fresh new designs that are hot off the airbrush are a cool looking new Blade 450 canopy design that is done up in a red, white, and blue scheme with black accents. The canopy is made of fiber glass instead of the much flimsier stock lexan design, which will be considered an upgrade by most Blade 450 owners.

Also new in the past week are several Fusuno designs for the Align Trex 600EFL Pro and Trex 600E Pro. One of the new ones, the Green Hornet design, looks very similar to the design of the new Goblin 600 and Goblin 700 helicopter designs by SAB Heli Division. There are three additional Fusuno aftermarket canopies for the new Trex 600 platform, though. Additionally, the Green Hornet design is also available for other brands and models of helicopters.

Canomod also manned the airbrushes and produced an awesome new Henseleit TDR canopy for the aftermarket marketplace. The new design is green, orange, and blue but you'd have to see it to appreciate it. Our compliments go out to the designer (or designers). Nice work.