Blade mCP X BL Early Info

Published: January 18, 2013
It's been about 24 hours since news of the Blade mCP X BL first lit up the internet and the excitement is amazing. Here's more info on the new heli.


In the past 24 hours news of Blade's new factory brushless mCP X has been exploding. The most active thread on on the topic has garnered over 250 posts in a day and continues to grow rapidly. One of the most inciteful posts in that thread came from Horizon Hobby Blade Team member "dribbe" as he summarized the new mCP X BL:

It is hard to show on video (and probably didn't try to hard in this one), but this thing has gobs of power as a 2S BL... It is a monster. The power just keeps coming.

The advantage we (the developers) have is a killer BL tail, and the ability to tune all the FBL and Gyro controls (AS3X) for the power system. It is quite refined in that regard. We can also combine the components for optimum weight and efficiency.

It is mostly a new heli now, though it clearly started with an mCPX... in the end, new power, new pcb, new head (stronger links/balls), new blades, new frame/LG, even a new tail prop due to a larger shaft for durability at this power level.

We think the enthusiasts will love it... the further we developed it, the more we loved it. Shipping very soon, enjoy.

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