Blade mCPX BL Starting to Ship

Published: January 27, 2013
Horizon announces shipments of their new Blade mCPX BL (double brushless version) only eight days after introducing the product.


Horizon Hobby announced on Friday that their new Blade mCPX BL, the fully brushless version of their hugely popular mCPX, is now shipping. In the past the company has run into frustrations with their client base by choosing to make new product announcements too far ahead of the actual release dates. In these cases the customers who were anticipating the new products would grow frustrated for having to wait extended periods of time, and then in many cases have to also suffer through production delays on top of it.

That doesn't look to be the case with recent launches, including this one. Horizon first announced the new Blade MCX BL on January 17th, only a mere eight days before beginning shipments! That's bound to be looked upon as a very favorable improvement by eager customers.

Nice work, Horizon. We look forward to seeing how this new heli does in the market.