Blade mQX Featured on R/Cast

Published: January 11, 2012
The new mQX from Blade Helis was featured on the R/Cast by Horizon Hobby for the week of January 5, 2012. The show featured an in-depth interview with Brian Reed, the lead developer on the Blade mQX project and loads of info about the mQX


Interested in the new Blade mQX from Horizon but need a little more info to push you over the buying-edge? Check out the Horizon Hobby R/Cast for the week of January 5th 2012 and listen in while Brian Reed, one of the main forces behind the new product, discusses the innovative new machine with Gary.

From the show notes:

"Brain Reed from Blade is in-studio with us this week to discuss this remarkable quad-copter. As the main man behind this project, he has worked quite hard to raise the bar and deliver an outstanding flying machine."

The Blade mQX is an AS3X powered quad-copter, a first from the Blade Heli team, that measures under 12-inches in length, is Ultra Micro scale, is powered by a 1S 500mAh lipo battery, is configurable in "x" or "+" flight arrangements, and is available in a RTF and BND completion level.

Listen here to the Blade mQX Podcast Coverage