Blade Nano CPx Brushless Conversion

Published: October 30, 2012
First Blade Nano CPx Brushless Conversion kits to hit the Nano aftermarket have today done just that. Astroid Designs have announced that their new kits are available for purchase.


Astroid Designs announced today that their Nano CPX brushless conversion kits are now available for purchase on their website. The new kit has been in development since the first Nanos were shipped to consumers back in late September. In fact, within a day of having a kit in their hands, the team at Astroid Designs had a working concept. Since that point they have been diligently working to get their supply in place for sale.

The Nano CPx brushless kits come in two variations from Astroid, Mild and Wild. The mild kit comes with a 13,500 Kv brushless outrunner motor while the wild kit comes with a 16,600 Kv brushless outrunner motor. The mild kit can be used with "decent stock size batteries or the Hyperion 180/240" and the wild kit requires the large capacity "180/240 batteries".

Both kits come with the following:

  • Brushless outrunner motor
  • 7-tooth pinion installed
  • Carbon frame brace
  • 4 1.2x5mm servo mounting screws and 8 2.5mm long spacers
  • BlHeli Flashed XP-3A with custom settings for the Nano conversion, TX programming is enabled

Recommended Batteries ~ Mild Kit:

Recommended Batteries ~ Wild Kit:

Both Blade Nano CPx brushless conversion kits sell for $60 and are clearly advertised as NOT PLUG-AND-PLAY. Installation of either one will require soldering.

(Brushless Nano CPx flown by tonytypes on Youtube)

For a full listing of parts, options, and descriptions of the Nano CPX brushless kits, visit Astroid Designs' website by clicking here.

Expect them to be hot sellers in the market because upon first being offered for sale at 6:30 PM last night, the mild kits were sold out in less than 3.5 hours.

Nice job, Astroid Designs! Keep the good products coming.