Blade Nano CPx Upgrades from RakonHeli

Published: November 18, 2012
RakonHeli joins the Upgrade Parts market for Blades new Nano CPx electric RC helicopter. RKH (RakonHeli) recently posted a nice array of new upgrades to their store.


This week RKH (RakonHeli), the aftermarket manufacturer of upgrade helicopter parts began filling up their Blade Nano CPx page on their website. The initial Nano CPx upgrade parts offering is substantial. Apparently the team there at RakonHeli have been busy working on a bunch of things at the same time.

New in the first batch of upgrade parts for the Nano CPX are:

  • Aluminum Tail Motor Holder: red [nCPX860-R], silver [nCPX860-S]
  • Aluminum Main Blade Grips: red [nCPX030-R], silver [nCPX030-S]
  • Aluminum Main Center Hub: red [nCPX010-R], silver [nCPX010-S]
  • Aluminum Swash Leveler: red [nCPXT01-R], silver [nCPXT01-S]
  • CNC Tail Fin: style-1 [nCPX854-CF], style-2 [nCPX856-CF]
  • CNC Durlin Tail Motor Protection Collar

Additionally, they have packaged some of these parts into combos which bring the price down slightly for those wanting bling their Nano out right away.

Visit RakonHeli's website to view their current parts list for the Nano CPx as well as many others.