Boca Bearings

Country: USA
Website: Boca Bearings Website

Company Overview

Boca Bearings is a united states based designer and manufacturer of miniature ball bearings for industry, hobby, and recreation located in Delray Beach, FL.

The company's bearings find their way into fishing equipment, bicycles, go karts, inline skated & skateboards, industrial applications, long board, pinewood derby, soapbox derby, yo-yos, motorcycle, and robotics in addition to the following areas of the RC hobby:

  • RC Motorcycles
  • RC Jet Turbine Engines
  • RC Helicopters
  • RC Internal Combustion Engines
  • RC Brushless Electric Motors

In addition to having an international network of wholesale and dealer accounts, the Boca Bearing Company sells directly to the end user through their website.  In addition to providing sales and customer service the company's website also provides valuable information on bearing lubricants, tools, and more.