Botos Design & Distribution

Country: USA
Website: Botos Design & Distribution Website

Company Overview

Botos Design & Distribution Inc. is a RC design and manufacturing company created by professional RC heli pilot and designer Matt Botos ( The company conducts design and engineering duties in their US location in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Presently the Botos Design & Distribution company currently owns and manages the Rail Blades brand of RC helicopter blades, which is a new (as of 2011) carbon fiber blade product offering for the RC helicopter market.

In addition to Rail Blades, the company owns and manages the Synergy RC Helicopter brand of remote control helicopters which consists of three basic models, the N5 (55-size, nitro heli), N9 (90-size, nitro heli), and E9 (90-size, electric heli). The Synergy helicopter kits are high-end, competition-level kits that have been designed by Matt Botos, Jason Krauss, or both. 

Botos Design & Distribution has an established network of online retailers that sell the company's product lines. The network consists of retailers in the US, the UK, and Australia.