Byron Originals, Inc

Country: USA
Website: Byron Originals, Inc Website

Company Overview

Byron Originals, Inc manufactures fuel blends for the RC Helicopter, Remote Control Boat, RC Car/Truck, and RC Aircraft markets.  
It was created in 1975 to design, produce, and market the Byron Originals Line of giant scale Remote Control aircraft and related fuels.  After earning a reputation in the market as the maker of quality RC aviation kits, the company was able to gain market distribution into nearly every country in the world.
The years following the Byron Original's entry into the market brought expansion in both the RC fuel and RC kit markets.  In 1988 the company brought to market RC ducted fan jet fuel, conventional RC propeller aircraft fuel, and a specially blended RC helicopter fuel.  The ensuing years also brought expansion in the form of a plastic molding division to produce parts for their model aircraft kits and to support a variety of OEM customers with injection molded and rotocast components to be used in the manufacture of their finished products.
Byron Originals refocused their efforts in 1998 on their Byron Fuels brand in the Remote Control hobby industry after observing a diminishing interest in the model/kit building market.  Today product redesign, improvement and testing is a part of their continued commitment to their customers -- the hobbyists in the RC Helicopter, RC Airplane, RC Car/Truck, and high nitro boat markets.
The company distributes its products through its registered dealer network.  It supports its customer base through the dealer network and through information found on the company website.