Carbon-Z Scimitar Featured on this Week HH Podcast

Published: August 19, 2011
Horizon Hobby is wasting no time in promoting their new Carbon-Z Scimitar RC model airplane. The new delta-shaped flying wing was designed by Quique Somenzini who is interviewed on this week's podcast.


Horizon Hobby did not waste any time promoting their new model airplane product, the Carbon-Z Scimitar. They announced the airplane's release to the public yesterday and today, August 19, they released a podcast featuring the Scimitar and its designer, Quique Somenzini.

Excerpt from the podcast intro:

"Now he's back again, but instead of refining an existing platform, he's come up with a new plane from the ground up. Taking what he's learned from the Stryker project, Quique has come up with a new thrust vectoring plane called the Scimitar. While Gary is busy out in SoCal, John sat down with Quique to learn all about this awesome new bird."

Listen in to the show by going here ( and downloading the audio. Nice work on a cool new airplane, Horizon Hobby.