Carl Goldberg Classics

Manufacturer: Hobbico, Inc

Brand Overview

Carl Goldberg Classics is a brand of electric RC airplane products.  The brand is owned and managed by Great Planes (and therefore the parent company, Hobbico, Inc).

The brand, since 1956 has been known for ease of construction and great flight characteristics. The Carl Goldberg Classics brand spans several categories of RC airplanes including sail planes / gliders, trainers, sport scale aerobatics, and intermediate level kits.  All kits are delivered to the customer in true kit completion level which means that they must be completely assembled from sheets of laser cut balsa wood. The kits are all balsa and ply construction with full assembly of the airframe, installation of the power system, and installation of the radio gear being the remaining tasks for the hobbyist.

Some of the Carl Goldberg Classics kit designs include the Eagle 2 and the Eaglet 50 trainers, the Tiger 2 and Tiger 60 intermediate level kits, the Anniversary Addition Piper Cub and the Super Chipmunk sport aerobatic kits, and the Gentle Lady series of gliders.

The kits vary in power requirements with some requiring nitro/glow engines and others being designed for electric.  The kits as well as the appropriate power systems and radio gear can be purchased through the Great Planes network of online and retail hobby shops around the world.