CEI Conrad Electronic

Country: Hong Kong
Website: CEI Conrad Electronic Website

Company Overview

CEI Conrad Electronic (officially: CEI Conrad Electronic Intl. (HK) Ltd.) is the official name of RC Logger, owner and manager of the RC Logger brand and all of the products within.

The company is a Hong Kong based organization founded in 2008 with the idea of combining data and imaging capturing into one simple but robust solution. Additionally, from their company About Us page:

Our aim was and still is to develop and create an ongoing RC Logger product generation, enhancing each generation based on new technology available on the market at that point of time. We enjoy our work and hobby - and we want you to enjoy our creations too.

Today, their single RC Logger brand contains a robust product offering, all under the umbrella of their original goal. The brand consists of variously sized RC Quad/Multi-rotor products, digital pitch gauges, video and telemetry devices, GPS modules, and a huge amount of related accessories.

CEI Conrad Electronic, RC Logger, products can be purchased through their network of world-wide dealers and online/local hobby shops.

CEI Conrad Electronic Intl. (HK) Ltd.
Pacific Plaza, 28th & 29th Floor, 418 Des Voeux Road West
Hong Kong (SAR)
Phone: +852 2559 2662
Fax: +852 2961 6324
E-mail: contact@rclogger.com