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Country: USA
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Company Overview

From the company website:

Century Helicopter Products was established in 1987 to supply the R/C helicopter market with high quality helicopter kits, useful accessories and performance upgrades. In 1992 we introduced our first 30-46 size helicopters, the Ninja Pro and the Ninja Pro Master. These models, manufactured in the USA, were both high spec. machines in performance and price. Building on this success, we worked on the Intrepid as a cooperative project. As the product for the entry level market was constantly being raised in price, Century Helicopter Products responded to the growing need for a good, low priced unit. We designed, manufactured and launched the now world-renowned HAWK series. This redefined the standard and price for entry level 30 size R/C model helicopters for the beginner and intermediate pilot. The 46 version FALCON, the 4-stroke version PHOENIX, the ARF versions, the expert SE versions, and the Scale versions followed. For the electric market the micro electric Hummingbird helicopter was available as a durable and inexpensive way to have fun with helicopters indoors and was released in 2003. The Hummingbird series carried on through 2006 up to the Hummingbird v.4 and was even featured on the popular Discovery Channel© show Mythbusters© As a knockout punch Century Helicopter Products released the Predator 60/70 and MAX 90 helicopters in 2003 with a caliber of quality that is second to none striking true to meet the needs of 60 class pilots. Now all areas of the micro electric to 90 size market, from beginner to expert, including scale modelers, are being provided with high quality at the most attractive prices. 2004 marked the release of Century’s highly anticipated Predator Gasser line of gasoline powered helicopters. In 1 year alone, we conquered the Gasser market and today, we have the best selling Gasser in the world. Combining the proven technology of the Predator with the advantages of cleaner running and more economical gasoline fueled Zenoah Engines, at an unmatched price, the Predator Gasser has become a new paradigm. In 2005, we launched the successful .30 sized electric helicopter line called the Swift. Utilizing the same formula for low priced, high performance helicopters, the Swift became an overnight success in the highly priced large electric market. This forced other manufacturers to rethink their pricing strategy and eventually forcing them to lower their overpriced helicopters to stay competitive.

In 2006, Century Helicopter Products established a dedicated factory in China called Hobby World Corporation. This factory will be manufacturing all of the new helicopters Century Helicopter Products releases in the future. Current manufacturing and subcontracted products have been moved to the new factory at a steady pace. Hobby World Corporation manufactures products for Century but also OEM’s to other major brands. These include Hobbico, Great Planes, Scott Gray R/C, and D'Agostini.


Century Helicopter Products members and staff is working together to provide the highest quality of support. Whether it’s tech support or customer service, our employee or field representative can assist you in finding the correct answer for all your helicopter questions. Our Team consists of experts in the RC helicopter industry with friendly and fast response.

Warehouse and Manufacturing

We design, develop and manufacture all of our RC helicopter products here in the US and overseas. We have an experienced team for research and development and a factory to manufacture only quality and reliable products. We keep an inventory of about 15,000 units of the latest parts, accessories and products to meet our customers’ demands.

New Factory

We have been in the process of building this factory to ensure our customers continue to receive affordable prices and high quality helicopters and related items for years to come.
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Quality Products with Quality Service

Century has focused all of its efforts over the years to improving the RC helicopter industry through continued support at all levels and producing quality products. From the consumer to the dealer in the domestic market and to the distributor internationally. We try to efficiently process and fill all orders and backorders, while providing good, experienced technical support so that we can continue to maintain the satisfaction of all our customers.