Composite Fuselages - Blade 130x, mCPx, Nano CPx

Published: December 16, 2013
Goblin-style composite fuselages now available for the Blade 130x, Blade nCPX, and Blade Nano CPx from Fusuno.


It looks like Fusuno has been been paying attention over the past couple of years as Blade 130x, Blade mCPx, and Blade Nano CPx owners have ever so creatively built their own custom fuselages modeled after the SAB Goblin brand of larger helicopters.

Recently the company came out with new canopy/fuselage products for all three of those ultra-micro helicopters. Each new design features a Goblin like canopy design with an integrated Goblin style extension off the back. When fitted into position on the helicopter the new cover gives the impression that the helicopter's canopy and tail are all combined to make up one single fuselage.

Check out the Fusuno website for more information.