Early Blade mCP X BL Flying Videos

Published: January 18, 2013
With the release of the news of the new Blade mCP X BL yesterday people are scrambling to get a first look at the new helicopter in action.


It's only been a day since the news of the new Blade mCP X BL has hit the internet and already flight videos and unboxing videos are beginning to pop up. Here are several good flight videos that we've found on YouTube.

ModelFlight, Australia (2:37)

2:37 Flight of the new Blade mCP X BL from Horizon Hobby. Flight is indoors in a gymnasium. The video is a little hard to watch because of the close camera proximity to the flying heli; although, there are some decent shots of the new bird.

Thrillseeker Productions (4:30)

4:30 Flight of the Brushless mCP X, flown by Hamish Scott and filmed by ChuckTSeeker, both from Down Under. Check out the tic-tocs about 1:30 into the video!

Total flight time is about 3:30 and judging by the sound of the motor the power-fade of the battery doesn't seem too terribly bad. Keep in mind that it's a brand new battery, but still, not too bad.

Jonas Schelepe (5:34)

YouTube: klauszoeberleinable (2:20)

Flying outside in the snow.