Early Blade mCP X BL Preview/Review Videos

Published: January 18, 2013
Here are a couple of unboxing / preview videos of the new Blade mCP X BL which was announced yesterday by Horizon Hobby.


The following two videos hit YouTube in the last 24 hours and show the unboxing and overview/preview of Blade's new mCP X BL micro helicopter. The helicopter was announced yesterday by Horizon Hobby and has raised quite a ruckus in the RC helicopter community, already.

ModelFlight, Australia (2:50)

Mike, from ModelFlight, takes some time to unbox the mCP X BL and go over its new features.

  • Bind-n-fly format
  • Completely new helicopter (except for: main gear, canopy grommets, and servo-to-swash links)
  • 2s Lipo battery
  • Longer Blades
  • BL main and tail motors

RCHeliAction (3:16)