Early Protos 700 Flight Videos

Published: October 2, 2012
Protos 700, in flight, WITH canopy. First look at the new 700 from MS Heli at the Lodrino 2012 event. Pilots Tareq Alsaadi and Dario Neuenschwander.


The Protos 700 took flight this week at Lodrino 2012 giving the world its first look at the new helicopter in flight, WITH the canopy. A few months ago MS Heli released a video of the new helicopter flying but that was without a canopy and lacked the full excitement that comes with seeing a near-production version in the air at a major event.

The Protos 700 videos, both released by MS Heli this week show Tareq Alsaadi and Dario Neuenschwander. The first video shows excellent close up shots of the new heli with zooms of the new aluminum tail belt drive, the new full aluminum head, and the purple classic-Protos canopy design.

Complementing both of the Protos 700 flights is the MSH Brain Flybarless system. The yet unreleased Brain system is MS Heli's new entry into that market as well.


  • Flybarless System: MSH Brain FBL
  • Battery: GigaPower 12s 5200 Mah 65C
  • Servos: Savox
  • Main Blades: SpinBlades
  • Tail Blades: Rail Blades

Protos 700, Tareq WARM UP, Lodrino 2012

Protos 700, Tereq, Lodrino 2012

Protos 700, Dario, Lodrino 2012