Early RC Models

Manufacturer: Wing Manufacturing Co

Brand Overview

Early RC Models is a brand of RC aircraft that is owned and managed by Wing Manufacturing Company of Galesburg, Michigan, USA.  The essence of the brand, as stated on the company website, is "brigning back some of the classic designs from the 60's and 70's, but with modern improvements."  The product lineup includes:

  • Phoenix V
  • Baby Stick
  • Champ
  • Esquire
  • Falcon 56
  • H-Ray
  • Jr. Falcon
  • Jr. Skylark
  • Lightening Bug
  • Little Esquire
  • Minnie Mambo
  • Page Boy
  • Roaring 20
  • Roughnece
  • Roughneck 2 (Biplane)
  • S-Ray
  • School Boy
  • School Girl
  • Sr. Falcon
  • Trainermaster
  • Wee Stick

All of the kits are built-up balsa and plywood construction and are primarily designed to accommodate 2-stroke glow power system; however, the kits can be converted to electric power and the website showcases some electric conversions that customers have done.

Early RC Models are distributed through the brand's website (www.earlyrcmodels.com) and through a small network of distributors that can also be found on the company website.