Electric Foam Models

Manufacturer: EFM/GoBrushless

Brand Overview

Electric Foam Models (EFM) is a brand of RC airplane products that is owned by GoBrushless.com of Ellenboro, North Carolina in the USA.

The Electric Foam Model brand consists of five ARF airplane model kits that are all done in the style of full-scale aerobatic airplanes.  Designs include the Revolution 3d, the Extra 300S, the R3D-mini, the Yak-54, and the Edge 540T.  All of the kits are constructed of EPP sheet foam and are not profile designs as are many of the traditional foamies that are popular in the RC airplane market.  The EFM designs all have a thickness and a shape to them with even the wings being airfoiled.

Electric Foam Model kits, as stated previously are ARF airplane kits that include only the airframes.  All of the necessary completion accessories must be purchased separately but are items that are generally readily available at the company's online shop or most hobby stores.

Electric Foam Model brand products can be purchased from the company website and from members of the company's network of online and local hobby shops around the US.