Brand Overview

eRC is a brand of remote control airplanes that are designed and produced by Hobby Lobby International of Brentwood, Tennessee in the USA.  The brand consists of a small offering of electric RC airplane kits that fall into a couple of categories of model aircraft: EDF Jet and ultra-micro flyers.

eRC contains two variants of slow flyers. The Micro Stik is a tiny little airplane with a wingspan just under 17" and an all-up gross weight of 1 oz (28g).  The airplane is a stable flyer, simple to repair, and has a full complement of replacement parts available to keep down-time to a minimum.

The other slow flyer in the eRC brand is a model of Piper's classic J-5, the Piper J-5 Trainer.  The kit comes in a receiver-ready version as well as a ready-to-fly version, has an all-up weight of 26 oz (737g), and a wingspan of just under 44 inches.  With a full complement of replacement parts, this kit is also a good choice for a trainer.

Past the two prop planes, the eRC brand is nothing but EDF jets.  Probably one of the more interesting EDFs on the market today is the eRC Eurofighter.  This kit comes with eight servos already installed and is designed to be flown with a 7-channel Spektrum radio.  It come with full function canards as well as diffuser nozzles that vector 360 degrees.  The kit is so cool we have included the Hobby Lobby video here for you to look at.

eRC kits come in a variety of completion levels from ready-to-fly to almost-ready-to-fly (ARF).  Most of the kits come with the power systems and servos installed.  The RTF versions include batteries and chargers while the ARF kits require that the batteries and chargers be purchased separately.

eRC brand kits can be purchased from Hobby Lobby International's online retail store as well as from members of their large network of online and retail hobby shops around the world.