Esprit Model

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Store Description

Excerpt from Company Website:

Esprit Model is an importer and distributor of high-quality and precision crafted, flying models. Our range of models starts from simple Parkflyers to Fun-Fly models thean up to very complicated and beautifully made scale models.

Most of the airplanes are highly prefabricated and all are precision made with a lot of highly skilled hand building done to precision craftsmanship standards.

We are always trying to bring the market the latest and greatest the world has to offer. We do regular visits to oversee trade shows to find the latest designs and to ensure only the best quality is offered to our customers in all price ranges.

Whether you are beginner or a very advanced pilot, we will inspire and satisfy your demands for high-performance quality hand crafted model airplanes.

We will be bringing over 70 new designs to the US marketplace as well as a new line of brushless motors and accessories. These 70 design are for the most part totally new to the US. Speak to us soon.

Esprit models is a business run by RC pilots for RC pilots! 

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