Eureka Aircraft Co.

Country: USA
Website: Eureka Aircraft Co. Website

Company Overview

From the company website:

Eureka Aircraft is now the largest supplier of foam wings in the US. We have a selection of over 600 wings, from the past 30+ years. We will be always adding to the list of new wings available. All wings are CNC cut, for the highest possible quality.

If you don't see the wing you need, contact us and we can 'git er done'.

This includes custom wing cutting, to go along with our custom kit cutting, and cutting production wings for manufacturers.

If you don't see the foam wing you are looking for in the alphabetical list, contact us, since the list is not fully updated at this time.

If you are looking for custom airfoils cut for your UAV or Wind Turbine prototypes or project, give us a call!

We cut our kits in house with a CNC router. Laser accuracy without the burn! No more laser 'slime' to clean or sand! Great news for folks wanting custom cut kits!

We are your best choice for Kit Cutting!