Extreme Flight RC

Country: USA
Website: Extreme Flight RC Website

Company Overview

Extreme Flight RC is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of remote control airplanes, brushless motors, and electronic speed controllers to the RC hobby market. The company is located in Cumming, Georgia, near the city of Atlanta in the United States.

The team at Extreme Flight RC is known in the RC hobby industry for their Extreme Flight brand of electric and gas/glow airplane products. Both types of aircraft are delivered to the modeler in an ARF (almost-ready-to-fly) completion level. The major airframe components are built in the factory and are generally constructed of laser cut balsa wood and plywood components and covered with an Ultracote color scheme. 

Extreme Flight RC's airplane products are all models of today's typical full-scale stunt aircraft such as the Edge, Yak, and Extra style aircraft. Most of the models are scale models with the exception of one flying wing and a couple of profile airframes in the mix.

In addition to the Extreme Flight brand of RC airplanes, the Extreme Flight RC company also markets and distributes their own brand of electric brusheless outrunner motors, the Torque series motor, as well as their own Airboss brand of electronic speed controllers. Each of these product lines offers a nice selection of sizes and features that are not only sized to match the company's aircraft kits, but also can be used in airframes of other manufacturers.

Extreme Flight RC sells their products directly to the retail consumer over their online store which is located at www.extremeflightrc.com. Their offices are located at:

Extreme Flight RC
3600 North Pkwy. Suite 101
Atlanta/Cumming, GA 30040

In addition to their website, Extreme Flight RC communicates with their online customers via their Facebook page: facebook.com/pages/Extreme-Flight-RC/186256200337.