Finally, Clear Protos 700 Pics

Published: October 2, 2012
Production, or near-production, pics of the new Protos 700 have surfaced this week from the Lodrino 2012 event and FastLad of England. The new photos offer a detailed look at the new MSH Protos 700.


Fresh photos of the much-anticipated Protos 700 by MS Heli of Italy have emerged this week. In an indication that the new electric 700-class helicopter is nearing its production the photos are highly detailed and offer the first full previews of the machine.

MSH (MS Heli) have apparently decided to go with a classic Protos style canopy changing to purple where the Protos 500 is orange and the Protos Mini is yellow. Unlike its two smaller siblings, however, the new 700 will have a lot more aluminum where the previous two were plastic.

Gone are the plastic tail pieces and the plastic main blade grips. Those will all be replaced with shiny machined aluminum. The tail will be driven with a massive aluminum tail drive gear held in place by all carbon fiber parts.

In keeping with traditional Protos core brand components, though, the 700 will retain the belt-drive, no-gear-mesh design giving it the ultra-quiet features that make a Protos, well... a Protos.

Take a look at the first pics at the gallery on this page and enjoy the anticipation of what will likely become a regular site in the large-class electric helicopter marketplace.